“ Our favorite hotel in Brussels ” - The New York Times

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White room

Nicely sized twin and double rooms, all with digital television, wifi and a balcony. Each room has its own little something by a belgian designer or artist : a limited edition chair, a funky mirror, you name it…

Superwhite room

The largest rooms you'll find at that price in any hotel around. If you like space, this one is for you. Besides being huge, all Superwhiterooms have windows that span from wall to wall, with great light coming in and a wonderful view on Brussels. Superwhite rooms usually only cost about 15 € more than regular ones, and can only be booked on our own website.

Love Escape

At you arrival, you get access to a double bedroom with a Partie de Plaisir lovekit from YesforLov, a bottle of Montaudon champagne, some champagne glasses, crump dough and some seasoned chocolate from New Tree.

A complete set to discover or rediscover each other, the Partie de Plaisir kit contains massage oils and intimate accessories.

Brussels by Bike

Put on your biking shoes, and hop on one of our two regular (€15,-/day) or electric (€25,-/day) bikes to discover Brussels from a slower point of view.